Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Updates and the Funeral

I never gave updates for a lot of the blogs I did about needing prayer... so here are some praises. =)

My Grandma - She is doing well and the eye surgery went as planned. The recovery period is 6 months long so we don't know the final outcome yet but she can already see better then she could after the first surgery.

My Dad - It was refreshing and encouraging to see him this past weekend. We fixed my bike and car to drivable states but they are not completely fixed. Bee is just a little more ghetto and my bike does it's job of getting me to class and work.

The Funeral and the Joseph Family - This morning I went to the funeral for William and there were so many people! He touched so many lives and hearts and it was so cool to see everyone supporting the family and hearing message after message on how William lived for the Lord and wanted everyone in that room to know God. The gospel was shared in such a relatable, joyous way that I loved! Instead of compelling people to consider the Lord through fear of Hell, we saw the importance of knowing God because of Heaven. The gospel was demonstrated through the hope and joy and love William exuded because of his walk with God. It was funny (with the pastor trying his hardest to get our large very white crowd to yell Amen after amazing statements about God and Heaven) and happy. Hearing his kids speak was incredible too. Steven shared how when he started thinking about what he was going to do next he felt an overwhelming sense of peace and knew God had a plan for him and his family. So cool coming from him. Another thing that really spoke to God's power was the music. It was soooo good and worshipful and well just really blessed me. Best rendition of "Because He Lives" ever! =) Overall, I loved the service today. It was amazing to see William's legacy for God in his desire for the Lord to be in control of his life, in his family, and in the way God moved in the room this morning. God is incredible! Heaven is incredible! And I am so stoked that William gets to be with God!

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