Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gents and Ladies, Part 1

Ok guys and gals! Stephanie here. Tough loving, night owling, over-analyzing Stephanie. So listen up... please. =)

Girls: I am reading a story that my friend recommended to me online. A love story to be exact. A story about a California city gal who falls in love with cowboy. I am not going to give you the link. I am not even going to recommend it to you. Here are my reasons. You listening?
1. A lot of her story is un-glorifying to the Lord. Not raunchy, just not healthy. And not an example of a Godly relationship.
2. It is super addicting and has ruined my productivity tonight and I don't wish that on you during finals week.
3. This is the most important one for the ladies tonight... living in fantasy world is dangerous.

Let me explain... As women we do this all the time! We make up love stories in our heads and we plan these wonderfully elaborate movie lives for ourselves. It can be as simple as imagining 'that cute guy coming over and talking to you because he saw you laughing from across the room and just had to meet you.' Or it can be as detailed as 'planning your future wedding with said cute guy because after coming over and introducing himself you talked all night and after many other daydreams you fell in love with each other and lived happily ever after.' (Ever wonder why Disney stories resonate so heavily with us?) Whatever the fantasy, the scenario, the story is that you are making up... stop. By doing this we are not trusting the Lord to write our love stories, if that's what he has planned, and it is definitely preventing us from falling in love with Him like we should. I constantly have to be reminded to pause my daydreams and get back to the reality of loving and being loved by Christ. It has been such a sweet thing to pray that God will show me when I am taking my life into my own hands in this way. He loves to remind me too... I even found that by not readins love stories that tug at my heart and make me want that in my own life helps me to see that the Bible is seriously "the" coolest love story Ever! I don't normally read stories like the blogged one I read today but procrastinating on my essay ruined my better judgment. I am not saying that these movies and stories are entirely bad either, just be careful and know where your heart is and how it reacts to fantasy. (And no, this is not why I don't like chick flicks... there are many other reasons why I don't find them entertaining. =) Point I want to leave you with: Keep your heart in check! This isn't just a war against physical purity anymore ladies. Purity goes deeper, to your heart and to your thoughts. Think about it! =)

Guys: I am going to ignore you tonight. It is 3:30am (supposed to be 2:30am... dang Daylight Savings) and I am super tired. Don't worry though, you have tough love coming your way en la manana.

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