Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Heart

It is no longer a priority in the news and the sense of urgency has seemingly dissapeared. But the gravity of the situation, the prayer that is needed has not diminshed. Haiti is still on my heart and I just listened to a message from a Hatian missionary that really sums up the spiritual need in Haiti. But it not only talks about the needs and the devastation. It is absolutely INCREDIBLE what God is doing in that country. Spontaneous singing of praises, packed churches, gov't sanctioned days of fasting and prayer, hundreds of new believers, and a 180 turn by the president of Haiti (away from re-dedicating the country to Satan and towards God).

The message also touched on the idea that Voodoo, the worship of Satan, is a huge part of Haitian culture. Even Christians in Haiti have firm footholds in this religion and find it hard to not follow it. The speaker spoke on the importance of new Christians being invested in and taught the truth of God's word after they make the origonal decision to believe in God. After accepting Christ they have to answer this question for themselves:
"If I turn my back on Satan... is God more powerful then Satan?"
And it is a process for the people to get to the point of repentance and actually following the Lord. Accepting God is the first step of knowing about God, not necessarily the point at which they follow God or accept salvation. Which makes prayer and being invested in Haiti so important! The challenge at the end of the message makes me think that long term investment into this country could be where God is calling me. We will see!

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