Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, March 13, 2010

People Profile

I would like to highlight a certain person today and something she said that really encouraged me...
After cheerfully wishing everyone at the desk good luck on their finals she started happily walking down the hallway to the elevator (meaning we were starting our nightly rounds, normally something I do with a major lack of joy). I commented on her enthusiasm in talking to the people at the desk and she replied with this...

"I love people, Stephanie!... They make me so happy!!!"
-Sarah Zwart

It was so genuine. It was so real. It was so inspiring! To be so excited about something that God created us to be joyous about blew me away. I wish I could write in such a way that you could hear the inflections in her voice but unfortunately my way with words can't capture that. I hope the exclamation points are sufficient to inspire you. Challenge for the week: To be able to truthfully say that I love people.

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