Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Right now God feels distant but yet He feels incredibly close. How? Because He is next to me, inside me, and all around me but I keep putting Him off. I have school, work, projects, trips home, and friends to hang out with so I put Him on the back burner. This so often happens but it is much easier when I can feel him here despite the fact that I am not taking time to be still with Him. I take his presence for granted and am doing it right now. Yet the knowledge of this is not compelling me. But I have absolutely no excuses. So I am scheduling Jesus in, a lot.

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  1. i know what you mean to have a lot to do and you feel that Jesus is being put on the back burner. but i would say for me at least when i am doing work and studying i am with Jesus becaus he as called me to work right now. my mission is to study and learn about civil engineering and being a leader.

    that is just how i feel about it. i feel that my school is part of my calling from God. so when i am doing it i am doing what he wants me to do. like tonight i have a lot of work to do so i could not go to bible study i went to the worship and got to sing but could not stay for the small groups.

    just a thought but i know what you mean, feeling distance from God, because of all the work you have to do.

    some thing to think about.