Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bible Study

This morning David and I struggled with two verses for over an hour while planning bible study. Two verses!!! There was so much historical background, contextual information, and biblical ideas that needed to be understood in order to really understand them. So we followed trail after trail of verses and footnotes till we had some semblance of an idea of the meaning of these verses. We were still nowhere close to understanding them though. So we prayed for God's wisdom and his discernment (since he did write them) and then re-read the section. One word is all it took. One word we did not see before seeking the Lord on it. One word and everything we had been reading made sense, the pieces fit. It was such an amazing answer to prayer! Our own knowledge got us nowhere but God's guidance opened our eyes. It was sweet! We were able to answer most of the questions at bible study and we were able to really teach it. This study is so amazing and such a blessing to me! Love them all!

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