Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Turning Twenty-One

So last night I talked to a drunk guy about God. He heard it was my 21st birthday and wanted to know what makes me happy so he could help make my day memorable (the drink he bought me was not going to do the trick, bleh). I told him Jesus makes me happy. And he said something that I loved. He said, "I love Jesus. Everyone needs Jesus as their Savior." This was right before he said that Buddah, Jesus, and Egyptian gods are the same thing (but we didn't get into our differences on that seeing how he was drunk and was being super nice to us). Despite his confusion however, over what he believed, his statement stood out to me. Everyone does need Jesus as their Savior and it took a guy in a bar on my 21st to remind me of that. I told him that I agreed that everyone should know Jesus and we talked about church. He said he would come to Grace on Sunday and find me but we will see if he even remembers that conversation today. I guess my point in all this is that maybe I should expect the unexpected more often and be more open to potential conversations. Who knows what God will do with Chance Robert Berry and the night he bought a very un-drunk, new 21 year old a cosmo.

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  1. nice, that is a great story about being open and willing to what ever God sends our way. for me it is not always easy to see these situations. but ever once and a while i do. congrats on a great night.