Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Honesty - Day Three

Staying still and silencing the stuff clamoring for my attention is crazy hard. Sitting in my room (not a good place to escape my thoughts) yesterday felt so wrong. I saw things that needed to be finished, clothes that need to be picked up, stacks of books to be read, homework to be started, and a stack of clothes to fix. And I was itching to get up off my floor, where I chose to spend time sitting before the Lord, to start working on everything.

As I prayed for my racing thoughts and list of things to do, God spoke to me. He said, "Simplify." And my piles of papers, stacks of party supplies, and half painted canvases stopped pressing for my attention. They became frivolous, unnecessary tasks that fill up my time just because I choose to make them important. I don't have to sew straps on that purse, I don't have to fix that hole in my jeans, I don't have to go crazy over planning my birthday party. And I definitely don't have to let these things take over my life. I so easily allow myself to get sucked into organizing the little things I need to do when in fact, if I simplified and focused on what is really important, I wouldn't worry about those petty details at all.

I only lasted ten minutes yesterday before I started one of my projects. But I didn't feel enslaved to my list and to that project. I worked on it while talking to Jesus and with the attitude that it didn't need to be done that minute. It wasn't due that day, it didn't need to be completed by a certain point, and painting could go back to being fun. It was something I could work on at leisure with the Lord. What a relief that was.

I am still mullling over the idea of simplification in my life. So far I decided I am going to clear out stuff in my life (both physically and mentally) that are unnessesary. I don't want extra clutter hanging around crowding my life... more on what that looks like later. =)

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