Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Honesty - Last Day(s)

Today I was tempted to just write about my birthday and call that my last honest post. But that is too easy and not the point of these seven posts. So today I am going to tackle something that comes out in how I act but not something I detail in my daily conversations and posts. I am going to share some of my insecurities with you. Things that off and on I have had to battle and that Satan likes to use against me. I hope that if you can relate to them you can take encouragement in the fact that you are not alone in feeling this way. I also hope to combat each of these with scripture and truth because so often the things we are insecure about are grounding in Satan's lies.

Insecurity #1: That God doesn't actually have a plan for me and I am fooling myself into thinking he cares about my future.
Truth: Jeremiah 29:11+12
Matthew 6:25-34
Proverbs 16:9

Insecurity #2: There isn't anything in me that makes me worth people or God's attention. (This makes me hard on myself. I think, "If I point out my imperfections first, I beat people to it and they can't point it out. That way they know I agree with them too.") 
Truth: 2 Corinthians 5:16-18 (A new creation in Christ, that's enough right there!)
Genesis 1:27 (He wouldn't create something worthless in his own image.) 
John 3:16+17 (He died for these imperfections.)

Insecurity #3: No one really understands me.
Truth: Luke 12:7
Psalm 139

[I will try to keep this vulnerable, openness in my blogging from now on, but this ends the one week I gave to really telling you everything about my daily walk. Thanks for reading!]

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  1. Hey Steph,
    I've heard you talking about your blog before, but I never really thought to take a look. I randomly saw it tonight so I decided to read a couple. After I read this post, I had to go back and read a bunch more.

    Your "honesty posts" really got my attention. I think it's awesome that you not only recognize all these struggles and insecurities, but that you're willing to show your vulnerability to anyone who reads it.

    I will say, I can definitely relate to some (a lot?) of the things you said. Granted I don't go dress shopping very often, but the important stuff made sense. There are a million times where I sing words without thinking about what I'm saying, do homework or watch tv before spending time with God, etc., etc. I've definitely hit the point where I've thought about ditching Christianity too, but there is usually something that will draw me back.

    I can't say I have answers, but I think your honesty is great. I'm really glad that you wrote all of this, and even more glad that I randomly came across it. Thanks Steph.