Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lost Thoughts

The great thinkers, the famous politicians, the mighty warriors, and the genius poets we revere all live on in history. In our textbooks. In our minds. But how many of them are really living today? Eloquent words, inventive thoughts, and successful battles... don't save. All of these people with all of their relativistic thoughts, all of their brilliant brains, are not saved because of those things. You can't think your way into Heaven. You can't campaign your way into eternal glory. High kill counts and books of witty arguments do nothing for the soul.

This hit me hard today: The loss that humankind has suffered on account of over thinking. So many academics lost because their ideas got in the way of the simplicity of following one Truth. It reminds me that my professors need Truth just as much as the students on this campus. Just because my teachers tend to disagree with me in class doesn't mean the Lord isn't working in their life. Don't forget the academic world. Plato needed God just as much as St. Augustine.
*Pictures from Tommy Dyer's trip to Greece with Hume International.

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