Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Spot

Saturday I went on a hike/bike/walk thing to spend time with Jesus. Sounds great right? Well my concentration was off topic for a lot of it, I got distracted easily, and I was hardly silent before the Lord. So there was really no room for Him to speak to me.

Yet, He still took the opportunity to bless me. I love my Dad. Seriously though! I was prancing around in my own little day dream and he still provided the absolutely most perfect quiet spot! I am calling it my Reflection Tree. Here are a few reasons this fallen tree was so wonderful. One, it is super wide and flat so I could lay on it and look at the sky, sit on it and dangle my feet, or sit cross legged on it. Two, it is off the trail and hidden with a ton of fallen branches so I was pretty secluded but people walking by were still visible (when you are a girl, safety first!). Three, the trunk is so beautiful! I love love love wood and God provided a tree where I can stare at the details of the bark for hours and admire God's handiwork. Here are two pictures of my Reflection Tree and it's patchworkey glory. 
(taken on cell phone)
So I was loving this new tree (this is only a tiny part of it) and my mind was wandering away from God once again when a rustling arrested my attention. Of course I went to investigate and I found a wild turkey poking around in the brush. I accidentally scared mama away with my attempts to take cell phone pictures of her but she left this beautiful nest with nine perfect speckled eggs in her trail. I'm pretty sure she came back after the danger was gone but I took the opportunity of her absence to admire God's handiwork.

There are so many textures in nature, so many small details. From the tiny lizard who joined me for most of my time there, to the low hum of bee hives I could hear on the breeze (I plan to follow that noise next time if it's still there). From the bark of a tree, to perfect brown egg speckles. I love that God spoke to the outdoor, nature loving part of my soul this weekend. It was refreshing.


  1. I love this! I have a prayer tree I like to go to, sounds kind of like your Reflection Tree :)

  2. Yeah you showed me once! And I totally thought of you when I found mine =)