Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haiti Decision

I have officially made a decision and emailed it in... I am not going to Haiti this summer.

In a way I am sad about not going back to a country that I love so much but in so many more ways I am stoked for what my summer is shaping up to look like. I met with my adviser today to make sure I am on track for graduating next winter and not only did he tell me I was golden but he offered me an internship over the summer! Not sure what it entails just yet but it sounds great! This way I can work, live for free with my grandparents, take a summer school class, and have an internship! Not to mention being in SLO, building relationships, having the freedom to go home when I want, and not being a CA anymore. So stoked!!!

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  1. Stephanie: I am really excited that you will be around this summer. I am looking forward to hanging with you and Laura alot. You will have to explain to me more about this internship sometime soon. Amen to getting out of Poly Canyon. Its about time (for all our sakes haha)