Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I just put whitening trays in my mouth and am now rendered speechless. So I am going to communicate through my blog.

Today I made the trek to Templeton and Paso to get my boxes out of my grandparent's barn. Yes it is that time of year! Packing and pitching time! =) And this year I am really going at it. I have spent the past week organizing my craft supplies. This meant buying new containers, throwing away a lot of unnecessary things I have been collecting, and not being able to see my floor for a week. I have successfully organized all of that and now it is consolidated to two spots instead of four. It looks so pretty! =)

This evening I worked through my books. I strongly strongly dislike getting rid of books even if I will never read them again or didn't like them in the first place. But today I did it! I sucked it up and made a huge stack of books to get rid of alongside my three trash bags of clothes to give away. I feel very accomplished but have to ask, Where do I get all this crap? It is slightly ridiculous that I have so much to get rid of but yet still have an entire room still full of stuff.

Another thing I have been paring down is my paper goods. School supplies, stationary, scrap booking paper, origami paper, wrapping paper, etc. I have so much of this stuff! The recycle bin had a food baby by the time I finished that mess. I now have manageable stacks of all of these things and am glad to be rid of the horribly tacky papers I had taking up space in my room. Makes me want to build a tree out of it. Poor poor trees that made this awful paper. If they had only known they would eventually turn into neon colored, floral print scrapbook paper they would have sprouted legs and ran away.

I highly recommend going through your stuff before packing it up for summer. Throwing away three year old newspaper articles and notebooks is very very refreshing!

Well time to take these crazy trays out of my mouth. I am very excited to get this goo out of my mouth and to have my ability to swallow back. I am getting super thirsty too. =)

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