Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After hours of lost parents, rude adults, and angry students I get really sick of people. So I don't even try to smile or converse with the people who come through my job. It makes work drag by and makes every interruption of my day an annoyance. Notice the horribly bad attitude yet? I did. And I ignored it. It was comfortable to be grouchy and not go out on a limb to engage the people coming through. Well, I have had two breakthroughs this past week! =)

One: A girl that comes through once a week had "Revelation Song" playing in her car a few weeks back and I commented that I loved that song. She asked if I knew the artist who was singing it and I hadn't heard of her. So this week she brings me her CD! A brand new CD that she bought for me and wrote on the front, "to the young lady at the parking permit stop." I was blessed and convicted. I may have told someone I liked their Christian song but I have not been living like Christ in my job. Then a girl who is living like Christ decided to bless me with a present. Music of all things too! God knows me well.

Two: I have been listening to Phil Wickham for the past hour at work and trying to be reminded by that to live missionally at work. Meaning, I am engaging people in conversation, smiling at them, answering their questions cheerfully, laughing at the ridiculous jokes from the parents, etc. And I have loved work! There really is something to living like Christ. This wouldn't be possible with out him. Believe me, my nature is not to be kind to people. It is selfish. So God work through me in my job!!!

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