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Mustard Seeds

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book Quote: Jesus Without Religion

Jesus Without Religion
Rick James

"So just as it would be a terrible miscalculation to assume that Urban Outfitters is a Christian company because it sells Jesus figurines and "Jesus is my homeboy" T-shirts, it would be wrong to assume that everything that has gone on in history under the same name of Christianity is an expression of sincere Christian faith. It simply isn't. We never seem to get the real Jesus when all we talk about is the behavior of people while wearing a cross, because anyone can wear a cross--and wearing a cross doesn't prevent us from doing anything. In fact, if I were the Satan, I think I would wear one whenever I went out in public--it goes good with black" (pg 25).

I partially recommend this book. Rick James makes some good points but I hardly feel convinced of many of his arguments. And I am not the one who even needs convincing! His ideas and arguments could be fleshed out better but then again, I have found some cool stuff in there and he has a no-nonsense kind of writing which lends itself to humor and contemporary examples. Here is where my partial recommendation comes in. I do not recommend it to long time Christians, debating non-believers who need deep scientific explanations, or your mom. I do recommend it to a new believer, some one searching for truth, or someone who is just curious about who Jesus was and is. My friend gave a copy to my hair stylist and that is why I am reading it. I am excited to see what she thinks of it.

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