Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Full Days

In two days....
I will be done with my life as a Community Adviser (three years!).
It will officially be summer.
I will be hanging out with my Dad.
I will be completely moved into my Grandparent's house.
I will only have two jobs instead of three.
I will say goodbye to Poly Canyon and on campus housing.

In the past few days....
I officially became a fourth year in college.
I finished finals!
I moved all my stuff to Templeton by myself (with a little help from
Bear and Mayur's muscles).
I celebrated Bailey and Caitlin's 21st birthdays and their graduation.
I worked 12.5 hours for commencement with the Police Dept.
I made some new friends.
I freaked out a little about having to graduate soon and move on with life outside of college.

Picture (top): Dexter Lawn.
Picture (bottom): Driving the UPD Escort Van.

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