Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, June 7, 2010

Homemade Presents

My friends, Caitlin and Bailey Hitch, turned 21 today!!! They are twins and are very dear to me. We have been friends since the first day our parents left us in the dorms and three years later they are still some of my closest friends. So I decided to make their birthday presents. I love homemade presents. =)

First off... Caitlin has fallen in love with hair clips makes out of Yo-Yos. So I found a simple tutorial online for making Yo-Yos, threw on some antique buttons, and sewed them to hair clips. Easy peasy! They even made the white bag interesting. (enclosed inside the bag? an antique teacup =)
Second... Beer bottle vases!!! Since it is their 21st birthday I thought it would be appropriate to transform a bottle, formerly containing an alcoholic beverage, into something wonderful and useful. So using paper, magazine letters, chipboard accents, and tags I made two mostly matching vases to commemorate this special occasion. =)
Thirdly... Bailey's present was harder to come by. The finished product is nothing like my original idea but I like the character it took on as I pieced it together. I used a coffee bag (from a local coffee roasting company) as a base for the canvas. After running around Beverly's trying to find fabric I landed on the most wonderful bolt of fabric. So I drew my color scheme and inspiration from the purple fabric you see the E's made of. After cutting out the letters using an Amy Butler pattern I sewed the letters to the burlap with random zig-zag lines and added all sorts of buttons and ribbons. I LOVE antique buttons in case you didn't notice. I use them so much though that I am starting to run out and need to go hunt for more soon.
They should be opening their gifts as this post appears on my blog. I am so excited to give them everything! Not to mention it will clear up a lot of space in my closet. =)

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