Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Planning my Plans

I spend too much time planning how I am going to go about my day. I pour over my schedule sometime just to make sure I can get everything done that  I have told myself have to get done. In a sick way, I enjoy writing detailed lists on how I am going to accomplish my life. For instance, I made this list last night: Work till 12, Pack up rest of stuff in car, Vacuum, Check extra 5 apartments, Checkouts With Dom, Leave...

As if I really needed to be reminded to leave? Come on! I spent a while making this actually. When I could have been sleeping or working instead. Granted, it is one thing to be organized. But it is an entirely different thing to map out your whole life. Which is the point I am getting to.

I need to realize that:
If I don't clean that one kitchen counter, life WILL go on.

If I do not get to leave right at 2pm from work, my day will NOT be destroyed.

If I cannot write that one card today, that friend will NOT know the difference.

If it is a matter of spending time in prayer or spending time checking my emails and facebook notifications, I will not benefit from sitting in front of my computer and I WILL benefit from spending that half hour with the Lord.

Verdict? I WILL NOT prioritize my summer goals over God's summer goals. And I will try to live more freely without being tied down to the over-detailed, pre-planning part of my brain.

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