Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite Campus Loo

You heard me correctly. I am going to write about my favorite bathroom on Cal Poly's campus. This topic is a combination of extreme boredom at work, having to leave work to walk to the bathroom in the rain, and driving Laura to class which resulted in getting to drive to my favorite porcelain throne instead of walking to the nearby dorm bathroom. So here it goes...

Why I love the Campus Police Station women's restroom and why I go out of my way to use it instead of the ones near my classrooms:
1. I am on a first name basis with every woman that uses this restroom and I have worked with them all.
2. It is a private, one hole restroom (as shown by point #1).
3. It smells nice.
4. It is always clean and has bath and body work's soap.
5. It is big and is always well stocked with lotion, TP, and perfume.
6. It has a fan so it feels like home and its safe.
7. It is heated!

Glad I could potentially make you feel uncomfortable. =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Here!!!

 The best time of year is here! Cold weather, scarves, boots, baking, and thanksgiving smells... I am way excited. To celebrate, Juli and I made pumpkin pies this weekend...
Julie likes real pumpkins... I spring for the canned pumpkin. =)
All of our spices! They smelled so wonderful!
We made leaves to decorate the top... we were so proud of ourselves.

Tah Dah!!! The finished pies.
We experimented with the crusts (olive oil vs. crisco) and tried our hand at making pastry decor... in the end everyone loved them which is always the best part.

For the Vets

Last week my grandpa took us to see the Veterans Memorial in Atascadero. I was without a camera but I captured a couple of things on my phone.

My grandpa, an amazing multi-war veteran, with the statue at the Memorial. He has no idea I took this.
 A closer view of the soldier.
One thing I realized this past week as we had the day off for Veteran's Day is this: there has a lot of sacrifice made for our freedom, however you define it. For me, it means: the freedom to worship God, the freedom to listen to any type of music I wish, the freedom to have endless options for my future, freedom to have a voice and be heard, the freedom to be anything I want to be.

Thank you Grandpa.
Thank you Dad.
Thank you Uncle Greg.
Thank you Great Grandpa.
Thank you Joey.
Thank you family and friends.
Thank you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

God is SO Much Bigger

I have had a hard time lately analyzing my weeks. I don't mean over critiquing everything that has happened in a week. I mean, not being able to think of anything that happened. Highs and lows escape me. I am determined to not let my time slip by anymore. So here is my high of this past week in order to get my mind thinking of God's blessings in my life...

Two words: Bee class. A beekeeper from Tanzania spontaneously came and spoke (with a beautiful African accent) in class and the Lord MOVED in me!!! In my heart He encouraged, affirmed, and loved me through this man's presentation. It felt like God was taking my jumbled ideas from the whole quarter and showing me that "Yes, Stephanie there is a way to combine your passions into one pursuit for my name. I can do crazy things with your life that you can't even being to imagine. It's exciting huh? It is exhilarating to understand that I, of all people, am in control."

This Tanzanian man has a company that is not only all about beekeeping but is also about saving the environment and helping people out of poverty through the business of bees. Here is why this is incredibly interesting to me:
1. I have had it on my heart to be a missionary that not only takes care of people's spiritual needs but that also takes care of their basic needs. I want to care about long lasting solutions that can fix worldwide issues of poverty, poor health, and environmental destruction. Take care of people's families and they will see Jesus.
2. I LOVE Haiti and have wondered what my part to play is in that country. I don't know if the Lord wants to take me back there or not... all I know is my heart aches for that country.
3. I have fallen in love with Apis mellifera. And I am sure I will love working with all its' sister species. In other words, my bee class this quarter has transformed my life. It combines my love for nature, working intimately with God's creation and working on a project from conception to finish. (Queen bee to bottled honey. =)
4. And the big finish!... I could bee-keep in Haiti and in turn help families support themselves, feed their families, and see the Lord at work in their lives. This is groundbreaking news for me! It was like God was showing me possibilities I had never seen before. He allowing me to see that He is creative and active in my life. He built me for something like this. I can see now that He is and I am STOKED!

This just came on my Pandora... It is beyond perfect for a few reasons: it is throw back song =), it describes me perfectly and my need for the Lord so well, and it is simple.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is truly random. I was walking out of the bathroom last week, on my way to my wonderful bed (thank you parents), when I saw this little heart hole in the trashcan. I was so pleased with it that I went and grabbed my camera instead of going to sleep. My mom is right when she says it takes forever for me to get ready for bed. =) My apologies to my roommates for airing our trash on my blog but I couldn't help it. I just love these little hidden details in life.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Where I'm Going...

I feel like I am on the road to recovery from apathy. God is guiding me in how to mend the relationships I have broken, break open the heart I have let harden, and rejuvenate joy where I have ceased to enjoy life. God is shining through every part of this process, as He should, because there is no way I could do this on my own. Case in point: I didn't even realize I was struggling with apathy until He started breaking me from it.

Some things God is doing:
1. Giving me peace about my future and the okay to pursue some ideas I have for my future.
2. Helping me to be vulnerable with the people I am closest to.
3. Showing me how to ask for forgiveness and move towards stronger friendships.
4. Reminding me of who I am and how I need alone time, craft time, and good face to face time with people.
5. Revealing himself in worship.
6. Giving me emotions.

Burlap: My new Favorite Material

My roommate Bre works at a coffee roasting warehouse and can get free burlap coffee bags whenever she wants. I have a few left over from a botany field trip I took there a few years ago but now that I have an unlimited supply of burlap I am using it more and more. This past week I made new signs for my friend Natalie who has an Ecuadorian jewelry business. I was inspired by the rugged, raw materials used in the jewelry so I told her I was making her new tags to match, instead of her folded index cards. I wanted a craft project this week and I had to make these once my brain visualized them. I sewed, on my machine, layers of black or brown cardstock, burlap, and creme cardstock. I used a brown marker to write the information.

You can see the bracelet I bought from her in the pictures below. Ecuadorian people make the jewelry to sustain themselves and she sells it to us. =) I love businesses like this!

The Good News of the Gospel

This page speaks for itself and I encourage you to read it a few times. =)

by C.J. Mahaney