Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, November 1, 2010

Burlap: My new Favorite Material

My roommate Bre works at a coffee roasting warehouse and can get free burlap coffee bags whenever she wants. I have a few left over from a botany field trip I took there a few years ago but now that I have an unlimited supply of burlap I am using it more and more. This past week I made new signs for my friend Natalie who has an Ecuadorian jewelry business. I was inspired by the rugged, raw materials used in the jewelry so I told her I was making her new tags to match, instead of her folded index cards. I wanted a craft project this week and I had to make these once my brain visualized them. I sewed, on my machine, layers of black or brown cardstock, burlap, and creme cardstock. I used a brown marker to write the information.

You can see the bracelet I bought from her in the pictures below. Ecuadorian people make the jewelry to sustain themselves and she sells it to us. =) I love businesses like this!

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