Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, November 5, 2010

God is SO Much Bigger

I have had a hard time lately analyzing my weeks. I don't mean over critiquing everything that has happened in a week. I mean, not being able to think of anything that happened. Highs and lows escape me. I am determined to not let my time slip by anymore. So here is my high of this past week in order to get my mind thinking of God's blessings in my life...

Two words: Bee class. A beekeeper from Tanzania spontaneously came and spoke (with a beautiful African accent) in class and the Lord MOVED in me!!! In my heart He encouraged, affirmed, and loved me through this man's presentation. It felt like God was taking my jumbled ideas from the whole quarter and showing me that "Yes, Stephanie there is a way to combine your passions into one pursuit for my name. I can do crazy things with your life that you can't even being to imagine. It's exciting huh? It is exhilarating to understand that I, of all people, am in control."

This Tanzanian man has a company that is not only all about beekeeping but is also about saving the environment and helping people out of poverty through the business of bees. Here is why this is incredibly interesting to me:
1. I have had it on my heart to be a missionary that not only takes care of people's spiritual needs but that also takes care of their basic needs. I want to care about long lasting solutions that can fix worldwide issues of poverty, poor health, and environmental destruction. Take care of people's families and they will see Jesus.
2. I LOVE Haiti and have wondered what my part to play is in that country. I don't know if the Lord wants to take me back there or not... all I know is my heart aches for that country.
3. I have fallen in love with Apis mellifera. And I am sure I will love working with all its' sister species. In other words, my bee class this quarter has transformed my life. It combines my love for nature, working intimately with God's creation and working on a project from conception to finish. (Queen bee to bottled honey. =)
4. And the big finish!... I could bee-keep in Haiti and in turn help families support themselves, feed their families, and see the Lord at work in their lives. This is groundbreaking news for me! It was like God was showing me possibilities I had never seen before. He allowing me to see that He is creative and active in my life. He built me for something like this. I can see now that He is and I am STOKED!

This just came on my Pandora... It is beyond perfect for a few reasons: it is throw back song =), it describes me perfectly and my need for the Lord so well, and it is simple.

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  1. you have a beautiful heart! I love that you are enjoying your bee keeping class, you little bee keeper you!