Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flashcards and Markers and Crayons... oh my!

Knowing my supports/readers, I am willing to bet that the majority of you love to shop for school supplies. I mean, who doesn't love a good matching Lisa Frank binder and pencil set?

Whether or not you are as in love with journals and pens as I am, I hope I can still infuse you with a little bit of my excitement about my new teaching supplies. My personality is one that loves to be prepared so having supplies to teach with has made this both a more relaxing and encouraging week. These supplies (and Jesus) help me believe that I can teach these kiddos well. Not to mention I love the smell of a crisp new book. One, Two, Buckle my Shoe. Three, Four... Alright, I'll stop reading out loud to my computer but now you know how to count to four don't you? You're welcome.

Anyway, back to school supplies. As I go through and pack my supplies I feel like I'm in one of those Target commercials where the teacher is listing everything the students need. See below:
I have markers, books, flashcards, colored pencils, balls and jump-ropes, books, crayons, folders for their work, pony beads, scissors, felt and yarn, stickers, books, dinosaurs, puzzles, abc games, songs, toys, leftover wedding bubbles from Laura and James, books, and many more fun craft things. Did I mention books? I have already read each of them a few times. Which is not that impressive seeing how some only have one word a page... but I love them because they are my books to teach God's kids. I have also already put together one of the puzzles. Just to, you know, make sure they were kindergarten friendly. I think the 12 jumbo sized cardboard pieces will work.

Here are some pictures of all the wonderful:
 The craft bucket, not to be confused with the hard core learning bucket. =)
 Crayola corner... only the best for these kids!
 I did the number's puzzle today and learned a lot.
 Animals! Both in tubes and free range.
My lovely books. Including "Dinosaur Rumpus", "The Beginner's Bible" in both languages (thanks to Loretta Lambert), and "The Cat in the Hat Spanish Dictionary."
 Yes, there are indeed glow sticks in there. Thank you Kimberly Johnson! =)
 A fun learning game.
 Construction paper and it's friends, the other paper. Also a folder for each kid to store their work.
We are going to learn colors through making bracelets.

Thank you Aunt Peggy for helping me shop and pay for all of it, and for making the process of lesson planning much much smoother. I feel not only ready to teach but excited as well! Whoever thought I would be excited to teach a whole classroom of kindergarteners? Giant leaps forward are happening here at the Johnson household!

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