Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting Ready - Physically

The anticipation leading up to packing always makes me anxious. I am constantly worrying that I don't have everything I need or that I will arrive having forgotten something basic like socks or a toothbrush. I am now at the stage however, where I get to gather my stuff from all over the house and lay it all out. This stage is my favorite. I am past the point of being overwhelmed by my list of "need to gets" and I am not quite at the stage of wondering how I am going to cram it all into my duffel bag. In other words, this is the time where I just get to look at all my sometimes-pretty-mostly-functional missionary items and Praise the Lord that I don't have to go back to Target for a few days...

Especially since it took a very long day of shopping (thank you Cassie for getting me through that) to get most of my supplies and everything on the provided packing list. I have my shower caddy that matches my new water bottles that fit in my backpack where I can store my teaching journal and pretty colored pens. I also have my new dark grey TOMS (thank you craft ladies!!!) to soak up the dirt and a new bathing suit to soak up the sun. I have three pairs of Walmart sunglasses in case I break them and extra band aids in case I break myself. I even have a new planner for event organization and my giant study bible for life organization.

But... I don't think I will ever feel completely ready.

I am a little worried about having everything I need to teach English and make the lessons fun. Thank goodness that my Great Aunt Peggy (a teacher for over 40 years) is coming tomorrow to help me shop for my new kids. I feel better knowing she will help me find what I need and give me feedback on my ideas. Construction paper, pony beads, baby scissors, and Elmer's glue here I come!!!

School supplies aside, I know I will arrive in Mexico having forgotten something. At this point though (remember, this is the point in packing where I am supposed to be most relaxed) I am ready to be without things for a year. I better be ok with not having every luxury I am used to, I'm going to be a missionary in a foreign country for goodness sakes! Especially since whether I bring that extra sweatshirt or not, I am not going to freeze in Porvenir. If I forget my extra pillowcase, my head will survive (lice like clean surfaces the best right?). And if I run out of glue sticks in my classroom we can always use yarn to attach things... hmmm, I should bring a hole punch for that . I am ready to think on the spot and work with what I've got (rhyme not intended).

In conclusion, I am ready to pack! Any volunteers to sit on my suitcase while I try to zip it closed?

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