Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting Ready - Spiritually

We all know that I am going to Mexico.
Most of you know my heart belongs to Haiti.
This summer I have been asking God (a lot) if I have any of my heart left to give to Mexico?
I thought not.

I have been rebelling against the idea of going to Mexico for an entire whole year when I really want to be in Haiti for those months. I told God that I didn't have a heart for Mexico and it didn't really make sense for me to go there. But I knew God wanted me in Mexico to train me up to serve him better, to teach me how to live selflessly, and to show me what it is like to be a missionary in a third world country while still being relatively close to home.

It wasn't until this past week or so that I really saw why God wants me in Mexico and I stopped dragging my feet whining "But God...I would rather be going to Haiti." Here are some reasons why I have changed my mind:

1. This Face:
Kids are snarky even in Mexico... perfect!
(These next pictures are from a friends' trip to Mexico this summer)
2. These Eyes:
I am so ready to teach kindergarteners.
3. This Smile:
How could I not love that?
4. And This Story:
I was the wedding coordinator for my friends Laura and James this weekend. So I spoke a lot with the pastor marrying them throughout the two days and my plans for the year came up. I told him that my heart was in Haiti but God was sending me to Mexico instead. He nodded and then we started the wedding. After the ceremony I went up to tell him thank you and he said this, "You know how you said your heart is not in Mexico? Well God impressed it upon my heart to tell you that he is sending to you Mexico to give you His heart instead." Needless to say, I cried. In that one moment I realized how much this year is not about me but instead about what God wants to do through me. I realized also that I am not going to Mexico for no reason but rather to gain more of God's perspective (a work He started on my Haiti Trip in June) for his creation and to gain a firsthand view of his love for the world. Thank you Pastor Cody, you have no idea how radically that changed my perspective. I think I am ready to leave on Monday now. =)

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