Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mail and Other Contact Info

Snail Mail
I would love snail mail but we have some constraints on what we can receive. Here are some rules and information about snail mail:

1. Mail is picked up by one of us who makes a trip to the States.
2. We usually have room for the conventional letters and magazines. Those we can stuff between seats or duct-tape to the hood as an ornament.
3. Boxes are an entirely different story. We mandate that no box be larger than the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box (12x4x14) provided by the US Postal service.
4. One box per week will be allowed. I will be charged a $5 handling fee for each box that either exceeds the dimensions or quantity allowed. My box will be help hostage till I pay up but don't worry about me needing anything. We go to Costco once a week. =)

Keep in mind that it will take a couple weeks for me to get what you send since it has to be picked up by a staff member in San Diego and carted down to us. On that note... send me some letters! =)

Stephanie Johnson
c/o Ventana Ministries
PO Box 530435
San Diego, CA 92153-0435
Wireless internet access is currently unavailable at our campus. I have the option as a staff member to drive to a local internet cafe and pay for internet. Or, our whole team goes to Starbucks in Ensenada once a week for free internet (before our Costco food run). This all basically means I will be answering emails probably only once a week. Don't feel neglected if I don't answer right away!
I will not have a phone but I am excited for that part!

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  1. Good luck, I hope it all goes really well for you.!