Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Job Description

My official title this year is ESL Coordinator... duh duh duh. That sounds so professional! I think of myself more as an English-Teacher-Who-Doesn't-Speak-Spanish-For-Kindergarteners-Who-Don't-Speak-English. Ok maybe being an "English as a Second Language (ESL) Coordinator" sounds better.

Position Summary:
There is incredible power in serving, connecting and ministering to the marginalized children of the world. One such way to address the needs of these children is by teaching them English as a second language. Your central goal is to manage our ESL after-school program and equip and monitor the language instructors. Your role is to implement the curriculum, act as a liaison with the local community, monitor student progress and
provide timely feedback to parents. Although your role is evangelical and community based, you will be an integral member of our program team. The responsibilities of this position are to be performed in a manner glorifying to Jesus Christ and compatible with the mission of Ventana Ministries.

Core Responsibilities:
• Community Liaison
- meet regularly with school and town officials to discuss program
- develop and implement a marketing strategy for each term
• Monitor Curriculum and Classes
- implement and modify course curriculum in a timely manner
- manage instruction and assess learning regularly
- provide regular training for student teachers (the Ventaneros)
• Administration
- responsible for enrollment procedures and collection of fees
- provide regular and systematic feedback to parents and school officials
- maintenance and purchase of instructional materials

Sounds way out of my league and comfort zone. But that is where we have to rely on God most isn't it?

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