Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, September 26, 2011

An Ensenada Must Visit

There are moments when you are away from home that make you feel like you belong here. Seeing how the landscape around our town looks like Haiti was one of those moments. Entering ‘Caffe Italia’ was another.

This coffee shop could fit into SLO in 5.3 seconds and do quite well. Three doors down from the Starbucks in Ensenada (note that there is only one Starbucks there, unlike the five found just on Temecula Parkway) it is a little haven for missionaries and coffee lovers. The owner is a Christian and gave us some free drinks and cookies both times we went in there this week. She makes a mean strawberry banana smoothie and has some amazing pastries. If you are in Ensenada please walk down the road to this place instead of going to Starbucks. It is tucked back off the road right in front of the movie theatre. You won’t be sorry. =)

You might be wondering how this place could fit in so well in hipster coffee shop central. Let me take you on a tour with pictures:
 The bathroom is up this flight of crazy spiral stairs on a small platform. Sketchy but so wonderfully Mexico.
 There is art everywhere... oh and ignore Jason's creeper pose.
 My favorite nut cookies... the owner gives me a free one everytime. =)

 Local artist who uses a really interesting combination of watercolor and pen.
 Monique and Jason at the coffee shop. A lot of art and fun drinks!

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