Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The First 24 Hours

Within one day of arriving in Mexico I have already been stretched, fallen in love, and grown. God is not wasting his time here!

First is Brock, the director’s five year old boy with beautiful blue eyes and a firecracker personality. Yesterday he insisted that he had the movie “Pistachio” at home. “You know, the movie where the boy’s nose grows really big?” (note added later: I didn’t realize he was talking about the Veggie Tales version of Pinocchio, in which case he was right. He was still adorable though.) He also insisted that, after losing two races around the campus on bikes, I needed to have a head start. I refused (of course) and continued losing on my bike made for a 6 year old. I awarded his wins with a crown of glow sticks and his joy was contagious. I felt right at home talking to him about his dinosaur toy, how cool the glow sticks were, and how awesome his penguin game was.

Second is the local Taco Stand complete with flies and purely Spanish speaking owners. I went from apprehensive to in love in five minutes. I almost ordered a quesadilla but decided if I am going to ever get used to the meat here, my first meal was going to have to be it. Ordering those tacos, getting past the visual of the fat being chopped up alongside the meat, and consuming two tacos, complete with guacamole and salsa Kenny would be proud of, made me realize that I can do this! I can eat what is put on front of me this year and enjoy it. I can be stretched and come out ok. And I can fit in here and get a hang of living in Mexico.

Third is the landscape. Driving to our location, nestled in a valley of farms and vineyards and succulent dotted hills, reminded me so much of Haiti that I knew instantly God wanted me here. I became excited and peaceful in that moment. I have entered my training ground for life with God. Not to mention there were bees walking around on the ground last night. Brock’s mom wasn’t too keen on me letting one walk around on his hand but he thought it was cool!

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  1. HAHA! this post makes me happy! Proud of you for eating that taco btw ;)