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Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grito De Delores

It was Mexico’s Independence Day this week while we were in Ensenada so we got to experience Mexican culture first hand by attending a Grito De Delores Festival. This occurs the night before La Dia de Indepencia and is a huge celebration (occurring in every major town and city) that signifies the yell (Grito) given before Mexico fought for their independence. We were the only gringos I saw there but with our tiny Mexican flags and huge sombreros I think be fit in quite well. Ok, we didn’t fit in one bit but we yelled for independence all the same. “Viva Mexico!,” said the Mayor of Ensenada. “VIVA!!!” shouted everyone else. It was inspiring to say the least. Next Fourth of July I will be leading all of you in a Grito of our own... be ready. 

PS: I am making a video of the event. So if you want to experience it second hand keep your eyes open for that post. =)
Mark's (from Michigan) very first tamale ever... it unfortunately wasn't a very good one.
 The people kept coming and coming and coming.
 So American, I mean... completely authentic.
 My fellow leaders.
 The students.
 Like I said, we rarely know what we are doing. =)
The smoke is from the "Viva Mexico" fireworks lights that went off. Unfortunately only some worked so it spelled "Viva Mex..o"

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