Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mi Nueva Familia - Staff

I want to introduce my new family since they are the people you will be hearing a lot about from now on, not to mention I have already talked about some of them. Sorry I don't have pictures for all of them.

Doug – our fearless leader and teacher who makes everything a hilarious adventure
Carrie – the organized half of the head team with a heart for service and people
Brock – the five year old with more cute facial expressions than I can count who loves to talk about his passions (below in grey)
Micah – the intelligent older brother who loves to be involved and is very attuned to what goes on around him (below in red)

Jason – the gracious returning intern who knows everything about Ventana but is patient with my many questions and joyful always
Monique – (known also as Charlotte and Megan and Monica) my adventurous, yet grounded roommate who has a huge heart for India and people in need

Allison – the caring, organized mom who loves her family to death and who is more than willing to serve others
Kevin – a great dad who makes you feel safe with a passion for getting things done combined with a tender heart
Kaylee, Zach, and Andrew – the trio of Whitted kids who I can already tell are troopers, servants, and outgoing loving individuals

Almost the whole crew of staff and students (with Oliver and Diego):

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