Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, September 10, 2011

That's So Missionary...

I used to tell people I wanted to be a missionary pilot in Peru. Then I changed to Paupa New Guinea (what I thought was a more exotic and impressive choice). After going through some other interesting, albeit less obscure, careers I came back to being a missionary again, this time to anywhere. But it didn't fully sink in that I am actually a missionary in a foreign country now till the power went out on us this week and someone came up with our new catch phrase, "That is so Missionary!"

As you all know there was a power outage this week that spanned from Arizona to LA to our little town of Porvenir. Most of what we do, including our water pump, involves electricity. So we had some interesting challenges to work through, most of which were humorous. While Allison was running around campus with a bag of raw, marinating chicken, and no way to cook it, we realized, this is such a missionary problem. When Doug got down and dirty in our water tank to fill buckets so we could flush the toilets we thought, this is so missionary. While I was scooping water into our toilet tank, I knew I had arrived in the missionary world. When we managed to get the propane BBQ running and dinner cooked we thought, we are such missionaries, and accomplished ones at that! When all the food from our fridges and freezers were packed into ice chests and when we ran to get melting ice cream (hoping it was on sale) we said, this is so missionary. The ice cream was still full price at 10 pesos, but for only a dollar I got two scoops and it was great.

We have ran our new catch phrase into the ground over the past few days but it makes you realize how many things you just deal with or don't even notice when you have the 'living-in-Mexico' mindset. Cold shower or no shower, you just roll with the punches. And guess what? We were rewarded for our good attitudes with a lovely cool fog the next morning. It felt so nice to be cold... which is just 'so missionary.' =)

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