Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And I'm Off!

We finally started our English program this week! After jumping through many hoops we finally got into the classroom this week and I am in love with my students. After hearing my name once in the parent meeting most of the little girls knew my name on the first day of class. I was so excited to hear them yell, “Estephanie, Maestra!” The hard part is that there are 25 of them. We planned on having 15 kids but I guess God has other plans of who he wants in our classroom, especially since we are starting this program to reach the parents as well. We hope that through loving on the kids that we can show the love of Christ to their parent’s as well. So prayers that our efforts will reflect Christ would be incredibly helpful.

One additional blessing to starting the class is that the classroom we are blessed to use is air conditioned. It isn’t cold but it takes the edge off when we are teaching and it is so nice to not be distracted by the heat when you are trying to focus on the kids. I could use prayer over my lesson plans. I want to be as effective as possible with our time while making it accessible to 5 and 6 year olds. There was definitely a learning curve this week that I hope to be on top of this coming week. After seeing what worked and what didn’t work I have quite a few revisions to make in my plans. I also need to get started on future plans since I only have three weeks done for now. Prayer for time management on my part and that I will use the proper materials to teach the lessons would be appreciated as well.

I hope to have pictures of some of my kids by the next post about my class but for now just know that they are darling and have the best names (Ximena, Feather, America, and Ana Gabriella are just a few). I need to make some permanent nametags but I think I almost have all of their names down pat. Also know that they all seem excited to be there and I am so excited to be doing what I was hired as an intern to do. Maybe I will see more of what God wants to teach me here, through the eyes of these kids. I have already learned this month that I am much more of a kid person then I ever thought. =)

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