Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, October 3, 2011

....I’ve Got God and a Dr. Pepper

Today I looked up the definition of cast (or casting) and was surprised to find that it has multiple facets. Not only does cast mean to throw or send, which is what I think of when I think of getting rid of demons, but it also means shine, radiate, emit, and spread. If had read that last week I would have thought those definitions couldn’t possibly be connected. How does cast mean both throw and shine? Now however, I see that they are not so much the same words as simultaneous actions. As the devil and his darkness are thrown out, God’s light is radiated and spread to all the previously dark areas. As you cast yourself on the Lord he will cast out whatever does not bow down to himself. This concept became even more apparent to us the day after our first encounter with the devil’s demons.

After dealing with a demonic presence in our room the night before, Monique, Brooke, Shelbi, and I (the Ventana girls) had a desire to pray over our entire house because we had all been feeling fearful of the house at night, especially the hallway and back donation storage room. It is interesting to note that every year of Ventana our house has struggled with heavy spiritual attack and with demons being in the house. What we are experiencing is nothing new for this ministry. Our directors think demons are more commonly felt in our house because of the sensitivity of girls to the spiritual realm and to fear. Satan does not like what is occurring on our campus for God. So he tries to get his foot in this campus anyway he can. This week he has decided to be especially apparent in our house but after how thoroughly God dealt with him I don’t think he will be as open about his attacks for a while. We still need to be on guard and are still in prayer over our house but anyway, I digress.

So Thursday night we prayed for over two hours throughout our entire house. We started in the storage room and spent most of our time there. I felt at least three demons leave that room but it took much longer for us to feel peace there and to feel that we were victorious. We moved to the hallway where being out in the open left us feeling vulnerable. But we were not vulnerable. God had it under control and he simultaneously gave each of us the same worship song to sing. So we prayed and sang worship songs and hymns until we were peaceful in the hallway. We then prayed over our bedrooms and bathrooms and we finished with singing more hymns in the living room.

It took a while to feel that we were victorious over Satan’s attacks on our casa. But eventually through many answered prayers and many powerful nudgings from God we came to realize that for that night God was victorious. We do feel however that Satan is not done with us or this campus. So we asked our pastor to also pray over our house sometime this week. God wants to move in this place and if we are faithful to trust in Him and pray to Him we will get to be part of His movements “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” (2nd Timothy 1:7).

Our house is now peppered with note cards of quotes and verses that Satan cannot ignore (thank you Brooke!). Everywhere you look is another promise from God that he is mighty, faithful, risen, and full of glory. We are victorious because Christ is victorious! And because of that we slept soundly last night without fear of attack. God is present in our hearts forever and nothing Satan can do will make that untrue. Te doy Gloria!!!

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