Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Do any of you remember pogs? The little cardboard circles that you would hit with a slammer (a large plastic or metal circle) to flip them over? It was my generation’s version of marbles. Well, they are back in Mexico. Almost every bag of chips or cookies you buy at the store has a pog. Except here they are called Tazos (pronounced tasos) and there are no slammers. There are thin cardboard Tazos and metal ones with rims but you can only play with one kind at a time. I think it is a funny blast from the past. Especially since Brock thinks they are a new game that just came out. The guy students are all collecting them “to play with Brock” but while some of the guys won’t admit it, they think Tazos are just as cool now as they were in elementary school when they went by a different name. Here is what they look like, (they all have Spanish slang on the backs):

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