Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A few weeks ago we ventured a few hours south of Ensenada to what we loving call Shipwrecks to spend the weekend in some tents and trailers at the beach. It was farther south than I have ever been in Mexico, which I thought was a worthy accomplishment. =) It is named shipwrecks because there is an old ship on its side in the cove rusting and providing a home for many types of fish and sea anemones. It made for cool pictures and a really epic beach scene.
 The tide was really down in these pictures and there were amazing tidepools.
We found a sea anemone that had caught a fish... we were impressed. =)
This weekend was not just a weekend of crazy scavenger hunts and dune buggy races though. (see video here) God was working in my heart in heavy ways this past weekend. When he brought me to Mexico He said that I was here to develop ‘His Heart’ for his people. This weekend at Shipwrecks He told me that in order to develop that I need to have a bigger heart for people’s souls to match my passion for meeting their temporal needs. He showed me that in order to truly understand His heart I need to understand the cross. I need a bigger heart for the lost to start developing God’s heart for the world. As far as head knowledge goes, I know what Christ sacrificed and I understand how much physical pain He went through. I have a sense for how much sin Jesus had to bear. But I don’t truly understand it. I can read about Jesus’ sacrifice and my salvation all I want but until I see it played out in life I can’t grasp it. My salvation is still just a concept to me and I don’t quite see the gravity of your sacrifice. I take it for granted to the point of not truly desiring Christ’s salvation for everyone. Since that weekend though God had been faithful to show me what my salvation means and how important His grace is to everyone’s lives. I am now really in the process of developing God’s heart and I am finding that I like it a lot better than my own.
I got up two of the mornings before the sun and it was worth it! God’s majesty displayed:
 Day One
 Day Two
It was freezing in the we layered up.
 This is Mo and Shelbi...

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