Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teaching Foibles

When you are in charge of 25 plus five-year-olds for an hour, three times a week, interesting things are bound to happen. I don’t know how teachers do it all day but I have learned to just shake me head, tell them to sit down please (seitate por favor!), and smile. Here are a few example of what I am talking about:
1. For our numbers unit we used jump-ropes to practice counting. Shelbi instead found herself trying to prevent the boys from tying the ropes around each others necks.
2. One of our Ventana students was playing a flashcard game with the kids using dice and found himself trying to prevent Carlos from choking on the dice after Carlos tried to swallow it.
3. They are constantly tattling on each other too, “Teacher, Teacher! Axel ????” I’ve adopted the phrase, “Oh, lo siento. Esta Bien.” Also known as, “Oh I am sorry, it’s ok.” I smile of course and they commence with whatever they were doing before.
4. A group of kids jumped on me all at once and were so overwhelming that I fell over. Not a very graceful thing to do as a teacher. I got them back in their seats but had to be very stern in Spanish which was hard.

Overall they are adorable, fairly well behaved, and unique kids. I know all their names and a lot of their quirks now and was sad to say goodbye to them since I will have some of them next semester but most likely not all of them. Here are some of their beautiful faces:
Uriel - one of my best friend's nephews
 Jesse - he eats markers
Josefh - I don't think he knows any English after this class.
 Alfredo - He surprises me every day.
 Ximena - The first to learn my name. =)
 Suelle - I told him to sit down about ten times a minute.
 Carlos - The trouble maker of the class.
 Christian - He learned the words in seconds.
 Uriel again... he is just too cute. =)

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