Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Johnson's

Exciting things are happening in the Johnson household!!!

Sheryl Johnson {mom} - My mom just acquired a new mini cooper four-door that quickly booted my car (Aunt Bee) out of the garage. When you think of her new car being a celebration of my mom's successful open heart surgery it is quite exciting indeed.

Tim Johnson {dad} - My dad also just acquired a new toy that he uses daily, a bicycle. Let's applaud him for a moment silently for being a stud. He also is dominating his yard work to do list to get ready for Amanda's wedding. I think he deserves an audible slow clap for that...

Kimberly Johnson {little sister} -We found out yesterday the Kimbo is carrying on the Mustang Legacy and going to Cal Poly! It took all of two seconds to see she made it in for her to click accept. So come fall we are shipping her off to good ole' San Luis Obispo. Time for another one of these pictures? I think so!
Amanda Johnson {older sister} - Amanda and the wonderful Kenny Fietz are getting married in January and I am so excited for every part of their wedding and marriage (except for maybe the four inch heels I have to where for the wedding). We recently had her shower and I was pleased with how much love was poured onto Amanda. It was a hit! Here is one of their engagement pictures and some shower pictures...
 Her first bouquet (half way done) and her first mixer (half way unwrapped).
 Party favors (lavender sachets) and the moms (mine on the left and Kenny's on the right).

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