Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to Mexico

This break has flown by even though I have been home for a month and a half. I had three goals this break: to get better at soccer, practice spanish, and spend time with God. I failed at the first two but feel like God and I have connected a lot over break and since that is really the only thing that matters, I am content with my time at home especially since...
1. I got to see my family a lot and see how much it means to have them supporting me. They were amazing this break, thank you Fam Bam!
2. I caught up on some reading and decided that with the limited reading time that I have (now that I am out of school) I am going to be picky with what I read. Only the best! =) Which means a lot more of the Bible and a lot more Sci-Fi... good sci-fi. It feels good to get rid of books I will never read and are not worth my time. I've never done that before!
3. I exhausted my creative juices for the first time in a while making a lot of canvas projects and presents for Amanda's new house. I feel less scattered not having all those ideas in my head anymore.
4. I learned how to spend time with God in a more personal way and walk in His Spirit.
5. I got a banjo and am starting to see how even that can be worshipful. Also, I just love it. =)
6. I am more grateful for friends and where God has me in life. I am so glad that God has me in Mexico and has plans for me afterward even though I don't know what those are. I am just glad to be where he wants me. =)

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