Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Muscle Memory

I have done a few things this week that made me realize I have some very un-used muscles after 6 weeks of break. We made an above ground garden bed yesterday and I dug the holes to anchor it down with a post hole digger. My shoulders and arms were burning to say the least. I have also played soccer three times this week and my legs and lungs are slow to remember the stamina I had before break. My fingers and hands cramp up when I play my banjo since I didn’t even play my guitar at home. And lastly, the bottoms of my feet hurt when I walk around campus because my feet went back to not being used to walking barefoot.

I didn’t think that my body could change so much in six weeks. I also didn’t think my body would get back in the swing of things so quickly either. This made me think of muscle memory and the power we have in our bodies to enact change and accomplish things. I pray that my spiritual muscle memory is just as quick to bounce back when I need it to. But I pray even more that I won’t neglect my walk with the Lord enough to need muscle memory to get back on track. I know I will mess up and fall away at times but I really want to have more discipline in all areas of my life such as: practicing soccer, regular quiet times, playing my banjo, and speaking Spanish. As I learn more about the nature of God and see Him active in my life I hope that I will always be growing more and not falling backward. I also pray that even in the dry times that I will follow the Lord with my whole heart. I have not been too great at that in the past but I pray my spiritual muscles will remember the darkness and heartache that comes from not seeking the Lord.

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