Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It took me a few days in Mexico to not automatically reach for my cell phone before leaving the house but I am now back in the swing of things here at Ventana. I have mostly forgotten my cell phone and accessible internet and adapted to not having those things. I have played soccer already, communicated in and butchered Spanish, handed out some soccer balls (thank you Lori and Peggy for giving me those!), and biked across town. I have already worshipped in Spanish at church, visited the internet cafĂ© to see friends, and written goals for this next quarter. I have experienced joy in being back, happiness at seeing the student’s return, and frustration as I am already thrown into spiritual warfare down here. God has been faithful to guide me through it and is at work on my heart to battle with me against Satan’s attacks.
I have already reconnected with my amazing friend Rachel, who is an intern at the local orphanage, and met some of her new roommates (two incredible ladies from Switzerland and Oregon). I have had pillow talk with Monique, my wonderful roommate and partner in crime, and I have had good quality time with the Vomsteegs. I have practiced my banjo (that’s for you dad) and made my bed (that’s for you mom) everyday since getting back. I have also rearranged my room and am adjusting to having my bed not against the wall. I have worn shorts and a t-shirt during the day and bundles up at night. Oh, desert winters. =)

I have prayed and read and listened to worship and Satan has prodded and poked my defenses. I have become discouraged by Satan’s successes and lifted up by God’s. I have discovered powerful verses that impact my heart and change my perspective and God has shown me the power of prayer in these few days. I have rebuked Satan and God has challenged me to rely on His power more. I has been a full, but not jammed packed, four days, and I am so grateful for the growth God has given me.

Here are few verses that have really encouraged me (I recommend looking them up!):
James 1:2+3, 12, 17+18
Joshua 1:9
Psalm 61:2+3
Isaiah 43:1+2
1st Corinthians 1:25

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