Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's Up With Culiacan?

You might be wondering... what is Culiacan? Why is Stephanie going for five weeks? What is she even talking about? I hope to clear it all up in the shortest amount of words as possible.
Who: our Ventana team combined with teams of Mexican nationals to create Proyecto Culiacan (Project Culiacan)
Were: an agricultural area and city in central Mexico that encompasses a lot of other cities (like Los Angeles)
When: the next five weeks till the end of February
What: A mission trip to the agriculture work camps in Culiacan to evangelize to the workers and families that come from all over southern Mexico to work for the season. Our basic ministry involves assessing each person's indigenous language (there are hundreds in Mexico) and providing them with the gospel and bible stories on a CD in their language. We also show the Jesus film, children's films, and host VBS for kids in the family camps.
Why: To reach the indigenous tribes of Mexico with the gospel. This ministry plants seeds that can grow and be spread exponentially when the workers scatter and return home.

Prayer Needs:
1. Safety. We are operating out of a drug cartel center of Mexico and while we know much of the Christian side of the cartel's family we still need prayer for being the only white people in the area.
2. Protection. We also need prayer for the spiritual warfare going on around us. The indigenous people practice demon worship in their religion and the battle is fierce as we share God's love in these areas.
3. Stamina. We go from 6am to 11pm everyday of the week and I know that I at least don't function on 7 hours of sleep. Time to rely on the Holy Spirit's strength!
4. Language. No one speaks English in Culiacan so hopefully the barriers of language will be broken easily and we will learn quickly.
5. Soft Hearts. The people in these camps may have already interacted with the gospel in past Proyecto Culiacan years but still don't know the Lord. Pray for everyone's hearts to be opened to the gospel.
6. Anything else God lays on your heart!!! Let the Spirit guide you too! =)

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