Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, March 5, 2012

Culiacan Pictures

These are just a few pictures of Culiacan:
 The Ventana Girls looking out over downtown Culiacan.
 Ready to work in my oversized shirt!
 Emma (part of Ventana last year) and I taking a break while she burns discs.
 Robby and the chicken lady with the kids.
With  Brock (our director's son)... his whole family came for a week.
 We joked that my knife was my baby. Here is proof.
 My amazing group the second week.
 Missionary style temporary seat.
 Driving to camp at the beach to reach other work camps... so pretty!
 My favorite picture I took =)
 I had a photo shoot of these three boys... they loved the camera.
 During one of my quiet times at the camp out.
 God is amazing!
 Our new home... little better than the fire swamp. You are welcome to visit.
 We went wading since we lugged our rainboots to camping and it never rained.
 The sand was piled up around every piece of shell on the sand... I had never seen that before.
 This was me at night... super attractive. (see the retainer?)
 Hand washing clothes... so nifty! But I don't think my clothes ever got that clean...
 I was really bad at this...
 My Mexican daughter, Sara Jael... loved her!
 She was the director's daughter at Culiacan.
 God blessed us with this sunset one night. It went on for hours getting prettier as the sun went down.
With Shelbi (one of our students).
 With Angelica and Eugenia (my Oaxacan friends).
 With Yaneth, she is from TJ so I get to see her more often!
 Doug took us to the BEST tacos in Rosarito (Tacos Yaqui) on the way back from the airport. I pounded down two and was very happy. =)

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