Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Faces of the Camps

(people and stories that stood out to me)
[1.] The first night we went out in the camps my heart was very hardened to the ministry we were doing. I was dreading the next four weeks. But the second night God transformed me when I got to pray with Adelina Perez Antonio, age 25, right after she had accepted Christ. It was the first time I had ever prayed with someone who had just accepted Christ and I was so blown away by the work God was doing in her that I couldn’t be anything but stoked for sharing the gospel. She spoke Zapoteco #28 and we had given her a CD earlier on in the night. I pray she continues to grow through the word of God on that CD. Seeing people come to Christ was more exciting than I thought it would be and my heart was opened up to God’s ministry in Culiacan that night.

[2.] We went to a camp called "La Nota" one night in the first week and so many amazing things happened that showed me the power of the gospel. As we were walking around talking to people we realized that the whole camp only spoke Spanish but we had spanish discs to give them on the spot. There were some people who were hesitant to take a disc with the Bible on it and were even more hesitant to give us their names. I prayed especially hard for those people to have hearts soft enough that they would at least take the CD and listen to it. Every person that night ended up taking a CD. The gospel is for them.
And then we got to the last building on our list and they were all indigenous and spoke a dialect of Nauhtl. Their faces lit up when they heard their language, they were full of laughter, and they (unlike most of the other people) were genuinely excited to talk to us. The gospel is also for them.
Then there were the two guys who were puking in the dirt after getting drunk. My heart broke for their pain that leads them to drink but then their house received two discs in their native language and one of their friends accepted Christ later in the night (more on him in a second). The gospel is for them.
And then we went back to the car to talk to people after the movie. I noticed one of the indigenous guys (Laureano Cruz Gonzales) that stood out to me earlier (he was in a full Chelsea futbol uniform) lingering around after the movie, trying to look like he was following his friends without actually following them. One other man stayed too (Hilario Luis Luis) as well as the friend of the drunk guys (Manuel Castillo). When we talked with them they all accepted Christ, including a fourth guy who walked up (Isidro Mateos), and went from looking uncomfortable to being attentive and soaking up our stories of God's love. I bought them bibles and I pray they will continue to grow and share their salvation with others. The gospel is definitely for them!

[3.] I will never forget Martina and Oureliano Ortiz, or their three kids Elvis, Welfrido and Israel, or their Abuela Margarita. This precious family accepted Christ after Baltazar and I talked to them for about an hour and then they invited us in for dinner. They made extra eggs for us with homemade tortillas and bought us each a huge coke from the camp store. They let us have the only seats in their house (empty plastic crates) and they were the perfect example of Christ-like love even though they had just learned about it. In the camps, families are not usually very affectionate or loving, at least when we talk to them. So it was so refreshing to see such a tight knit, loving family. I was so blessed by their generosity and openness. Later that night Oureliano was reading the story of Jesus to his kids (we had given them little picture books) as we walked by and I was so blessed to see him invest in his precious children.
Baltazar and I with one of the giant cokes.
With Israel (in the red) and Welfrido.

[4.] The last week I worked with the kids and fell in love with Isabel (age 13) and Lucia (age 3). Isabel accepted Jesus at a previous visit one of our teams made to her camp. She knew the entire story of Jesus and was so excited for everything we sang and talked about. I pray she continues learning about God and following him because she will be a force to be reckoned with for the kingdom. She was a natural leader with a lot of spunk and she was very outgoing. I am excited for her future in Christ. As for Lucia, she was precious tiny little girl with an adorable grin that showed all of her teeth. I pray she continues seeing Jesus as her friend. I also pray that as she grows up she is protected from harm but also learns to love God through her mistakes. I pray the Lord is evident in these little girl's lives!

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