Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Milagros De Vida

Miracles of Life that were evidence of God on the 14th of February (Yep, that is Valentine's Day):

[1.] Have you ever heard a child pray for others? It brings a whole new meaning to childlike faith to hear the simplicity of their petitions combined with their strong faith that what they are praying for will happen because God is big. It makes my heart yearn to believe like a child. I want to pray with the same faith that God will accomplish great things. I realized, hearing Debora praying, that a simple prayer from a sincere heart is more powerful than a wordy prayer from unbelieving lips.
[2.] I handed out children’s Bibles and the smiles on the kid’s faces as they clutched their Bibles to their chests with their little arms was almost too much for me to handle. I was blessed beyond belief seeing the kids tote their Bibles away to show their parents, usually barely able to hold onto them since they were such tiny little precious children. Thank God for spreading his word in such an accessible way to kids that he loves more than I can imagine.
[3.] I am pretty new to the idea of wanting my own children but that night when I prayed for a pregnant woman, with my hands on her belly, I was blown away by the thought that God was forming a life mere centimeters from my hands. While I was praying, God was creating. What a miracle! I have a whole new appreciation for his power and control of the details in creating life.

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