Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Personal Lessons

[1.] Heart Change: Over the past few months, especially these past weeks in Culiacan, I have been asking God for a bigger, more broken heart for the people of Mexico and the people in the camps. And He finally showed me that I am asking for the wrong thing. Instead of asking for a heart for people I need to be asking for and working on a bigger heart for God. A heart for His people will follow after that. I need to love God more and invest in Him more in order to overflow on the people in my life. In reading Matthew 22:37-40 I realized that loving our neighbors has to come second to loving God, not only because God is more important, but because it would be impossible to love our neighbors without first loving God. In a nut shell: love God, love His own... understand God's love, desire it for others. It doesn't work the other way around.

[2.] Flexibility in Missions: Flexibility is the key to mission life. Not being flexible destroys unity and doesn't show Christ's love to the people on your team or the people you are trying to reach. I saw our team be torn apart first hand by people focusing on themselves rather than on the gospel and the people we were ministering to. And I learned that it is vital to show God's love in the hard times by bonding together in flexibility rather than stubbornness.

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