Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spanish Miracles

(times God used my Spanish)
[1.] I arrived to Culiacan thinking I was going to help out with worship on the guitar when needed but instead I was thrown into leading worship for the first week. I had Mike (an awesome musician and missionary from Arizona) playing with me and guiding me, but I still had to sing in Spanish and power through early morning worship with a failing voice. God provided everyday for that and eventually worship was placed in more seasoned and capable hands. But I learned humility and grace in leading worship in a second language and in not being in control the way I am used to with music. Through my many blunders and mispronunciations God still was praised and I thank Him for that!

[2.] One night in the second week our team had a really hard time finding a camp that would let us in and when we finally arrived at a camp we could diagnose at there was no room for a movie or any sort of follow up afterward. I was discouraged that the only thing we were doing was handing out CD’s and not getting to talk much with the people. But God blessed me in a crazy way. I was placed with a new person and had to train him in Spanish. In doing that, I ended up diagnosing the first four rooms or so all by myself, also in Spanish. I was so encouraged to see how God could use me and enable me to speak in Spanish enough to spread his gospel to the people of that camp.

[3.] The third week of Proyecto we visited a huge camp of a thousand of more people. We had so much going on with trying to get CD’s passed out and still diagnosing people that by the end of the movie I was needed to go out and talk to the people who made decisions for Christ by myself. I was praying so hard that God would miraculously touch my Spanish to help me be effective in talking to people. I knew God could use me but I was so nervous and felt so unprepared.  But God lead me to a family (the Cristoban Family) with so much joy it was contagious. They were so excited to be in the family of God that despite my language disabilities I was able to share in their excitement and pray for them. God knew where to send me to make it possible for me to be used. I may not have received supernatural Spanish but I was blessed by his provision none-the-less.

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