Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Typical Day

I want to start out with a description of our daily lives in Culiacan so things I reference in my other posts will make sense to everyone.

My Daily Schedule:
6:30am – Wake Up (to spend time with God and prepare the devotional)
7:30am – Ventana Devos (lead by Doug and then me after the first week)
8:00am – *Breakfast (lots of PB and tortillas for me)
8:30am – Shower (I snuck my shower in here since no one else did)
9:30am – Camp-wide Devotionals and Worship
11:00am – Work Time (with our camp teams or our weekly chore)
1:30pm – *Lunch
3:15pm – Prayer (we had to be ready to leave right after for the camps)
3:30pm – **Leave for Camps
9:00pm – *Dinner (we usually got back more around 9:30 or 10)
10:30pm – Lights out (I was usually in bed around 11:30, especially when I was on dinner clean up crew for my chore)

*We were all very challenged as far as food went; both because the meals were so spread out in the day and because the food was very foreign to us. I brought a lot of snacks (Thank God and Grandma for fishie crackers and trail mix) and bought cereal and fruit at the grocery store every week. I also ate a billion corn tortillas since they were served with every meal. =)

**Our teams for the camps consisted of anywhere from 10 to 15 people and were as equally divided as possible between the people who spoke an indigenous language, people who could work with kids, and the white people. The layout of our night is in the next post.

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