Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Work Camps

Every night the leaders of the teams would have multiple camps picked out for us to try to get into to spread the gospel and we almost always had to resort to plans B,C, or D by the time we were allowed into a camp. There was a lot of driving down bumpy dirt roads every evening. Once we arrived at a camp we would split up into smaller teams. This meant I was either at the car burning CD’s, playing with the kids of the camp, or going door to door diagnosing the languages that each family spoke. I loved all three by the end. If I was burning discs I got to pray for everyone else and do something that involved being organized, which I love. If I was with the kids God always challenged me and they always encouraged me. And if I was diagnosing I got to see first hand the gospel being planted in people’s hearts. 

After the diagnosing was over and the discs burned we would deliver them to the rooms we visited before we would play a movie on a projector screen. We would usually show a kid movie first and then a movie for everyone about the life and story of Jesus (we had a few options). After the movie someone would talk about the decision people could make for Christ and someone would play music while we went out to talk to people one on one and write down names of people who made a decision for Christ. We would pray for people and enable them to ask questions. Then we would pack up and head home for dinner and sleep. Every night I came home with a story of how God worked and every night I would be dead tired but pumped for what God was doing in the hearts of the indigenous people.
 Playing with the kids...

 Our set up a couple of the nights... CD burners, discs, free books and pamphlets, and other fun things.

 Burning CD's and watching the movies...
 The director's daughter Deborah... helping out with her huge heart.

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