Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Birthday

Out of all my birthdays this year was one of the best (my 21st with a huge carnival barn dance and my 16th in Russia tie with this one). I felt so cared for and loved and God really showed me how blessed I am. Let me explain why:

1. I woke up to a Camp Ventana of four guys that didn’t stop singing me happy birthday all day long.
2. I got the day off from the service project and was able to stay home and play my banjo, relax, and spend time with God.
3. I had Dr. Pepper from Jason and a bee frame (with my favorite picture of us) from Monique.
4. I was invited to dinner for my birthday at the Hirata’s. They are a wonderful family from our church with four kids that I am all friends with. I got to make tortillas, eat Amazing carne asada burritos, and speak a lot of Spanish. I felt so loved by them and they were such an encouragement.
5. I arrived home for our evening program for Camp and the whole big house was decked out in every decoration we have at Ventana (including a Happy St. Patty’s Day sign that I loved since I am Irish). I forgot that we celebrate everyone’s birthdays so I was actually surprised. Plus the decorations were all out.
6. Allison made bee cupcakes for everyone that were incredible and tasty.
7. I got so many encouraging cards from people and fun presents like a new journal and guitar ice cube trays... they rock! (no pun intended)
8. My friends from the local orphanage came to the party and brought me my favorite fresh bread from the local bakery. The next day they brought me another huge loaf that they had custom made for me. It was amazing and so thoughtful!
9. I got to get internet for a few minutes at the Hirata’s and was overwhelmed by the love in my inbox and on facebook. You are all so uplifting to me.
10. My mom called Jason and left a really cute message on his phone (I got it three days later but oh well!). I didn’t even know she had the number saved and I was so excited to hear her voice.

Overall, it was a wonderfully good day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Town

As many of you know I live in Porvenir, Mexico. And for those of you who speak Spanish you also know that “por venir” means “the future.” My friend Shelby, a Ventana student from last year, explained our town’s name well in an email to me and I loved the way she worded it. So I am now sharing it with you:

“I love the name of Porvenir... it really does seem like a place where God reveals to us a little more of what is to come in our lives, the wonderful plan He has for us. I hope that He has been revealing some of that plan that He has for you, it's going to be amazing!”