Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, May 14, 2012

Being Genuine

I had an “Ah Ha!” moment last week when someone asked me how I was doing. Even though I wasn’t doing “good” I replied with that scripted response and moved on with the conversation. I thought about what I could have said that would have been more accurate but I had nothing to say other than, “eh.”
Then the light bulb went on and I thought: “Our lives cannot be genuine unless we are pursuing the Lord. Without the Lord we have nothing to share that bonds us together.” Granted, you could be stoked on life because the man of your dreams asked you out or you got a new car. Or you could be crushed because a loved one died or you lost your job. In those moments you really have something to share when asked how you are doing. But in daily life we don’t have much to share with people when they ask how we are doing unless we are in the Word and learning from God. Whether you are going through challenges in your walk or high points there will always be something to share, if you are seeking God. And sharing your walk with people is when your relationships become genuine, it instantly takes your conversation deeper and gets you out of the shallow waters of, “I’m good.”

Through this I also realized that I am not really seeking the Lord or giving him the first-fruits of my time. I admit that the best parts of my day have been spent writing or reading Sherlock Holmes. So... there were two light bulbs this week with only one, “How ya doin’?”

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